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for smartphones and tablets
  • LineForLine

    Communicate through music and share your favorite lines. LineforLine allows you to message moments of songs by sharing lyrics exactly as you hear them, when you hear them - as they were delivered by the artist.

  • Uabby

    Never miss an event you want to attend! With the Uabby app, you are notified of new events and also for early ticket sales.

  • Ditel

    The Ditel Mobile is a telephony app that allows you to call any phone in Brazil with the best rates, regardless of which carrier you choose.

  • Garantia

    With the Garantia app, lawyers can improve their management with a complete online legal platform! It is so simple that no training is required.

  • Secad

    The Secad app offers exclusive content for subscribers in Secad Programs. You will have access to to affordable learning modules and to up to date topics to study whenever you want.


    With the RS Medical Association app, members have access to legal advisory services, labor counseling and accounting advice, among others.

  • Freecharge

    The Freecharge app manages a digital totem that works as a smartphone charging station in which is possible to recharge 50% of batteries in up to 30 minutes. The app controls the opening and closing of drawers that can simultaneously charge up to 8 devices.

  • Doctr

    The Doctr app makes the lives of patients and doctors a lot easier. Improve the search for medics, psychologists, dentists, physiotherapists, nutritionists using an app that is fast and trustworthy.

  • Naila

    Do you need a keymaker, plumber or even a lawyer? Find the closest professional to you. The Naila app connects you to professionals based on your location. To find someone within your neighborhood will save you time, it will be safer and it will increase the economy of your district.

  • Body's App

    Compare the measurements of your body to other people’s measurements, such as height, weight and your age. Download the app and enjoy the best health and lifestyle social network where you can share those special moments with friends and compare parts of your body to theirs.

  • OnBoy

    The OnBoy app is totally free and very easy to use, you can locate the closest motoboy with only two simple steps. The app’s tracking system allows you to follow the movement of the motoboy on the map along with the location of your package.

  • Petite Jolie

    With the Petite Jolie app you can create sentences and then share them with your friends. Find cool and interesting places and share your tips with everyone. Download it now and have some fun with this app that we published in partnership with the Loft Agency.

  • Satisfácil

    Developed for the RZ2 company, the Satisfácil app is used to measure the satisfaction levels from service users. With a simple and intuitive interface, this app has all the tools needed to collect feedback from your clients.

  • Serah

    Serah is an app for those who wants to become an icon in the fashion world, you can introduce your own masterpieces and show off your street style to the public. Besides searching for tags, you can display your own unique style and be an inspiration to others.

  • Fidelize

    Fidelize is an application that streamlines your research, significantly reducing the costs. This app can be used for different market, social and even price survey searches. The more you know about your customers the better you can be of service to them.

  • Journal

    The Journal app is an Android widget that assembles all information sources that are essential to keep you up to date. This all-in-one widget provides information from RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and weather forecast.

  • BeHappy

    The Be Happy app is the best way to keep up to date with what's happening at the nightclub. Using this app you can see everything they have to offer, take part in their exclusive promotions and also access all the latest pictures taken at their parties.

captivate your audience

Build a relationship based on loyalty with your consumers through our apps. The ability to send promotions and your latest news to your clients will make them happier and that will increase profits.

brand strengthening

Imagine your brand being displayed on your client's smartphone. This brings visibility and credibility to your business.

real time

Effectively communicate with your clients. While only between 4% to 10% of emails are read, notifications received on smartphones and tablets are viewed up to 97% of the time.

Instant access

Our apps will help you to focus the attention of your potential customers on your company. Companies that are available 100% of the time are always remembered and will make its presence felt in the market.

we also develop


for smartphones and tablets
  • The Boyfriend's Game

    The Boyfriend's Game provides discount coupons and in store benefits and services to the players according to the scores they reach in the game. The higher the players score, the bigger discounts they achieve.

  • GoatZ

    In the village of the legendary goats, the most notable event in the region is about to happen. Every 5 years, they host a very difficult challenge and the one that wins this quest will be known throughout the world as the Famed Goat Warrior.

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Bloase develops apps that brings mobility, efficiency and competitiveness to your company. Through simple and productive solutions, we align people and businesses anytime, everywhere.


We create customized solutions according to the identity, branding and features of your company. Do you want to reach a broader audience? We will publish your app in Google Play and Apple Store.


We provide guidance with creating new products or adapting existing solutions. We offer mobile oriented services such as usability analysis and development of minimum viable products (MVP).

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  • Dean Andriotis

    As a co-founder with no technical background the undertaking of development was initially intimidating. However, as we moved along it became very clear we were in good hands. Communication was not only timely, but thorough.


  • Alexandre Boaz

    Our experience with Bloase was extremely positive. They captured the essence of our project and together we transformed it into reality. We will definetely use Bloase again for any new projects in the future!


  • Marcelo Carvalho

    Very good, always thoughtful and willing to attend to our demands, congratulations for your work.

    Body's App

  • Rafael Zambelli

    The project has fulfilled our demands. The interface between RZ2 and Bloase was straightforward and the service was very professional.


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